Through the Alternatives project we bring together makers and thinkers in different fields to work on sustainable cultural alternatives; through conferences, workshops and publications we challenge the onedimensional status quo of disbalance between producers and consumers, promote critical thinking and radical use of cellular and distributed technologies – both in grassroots and in corporate settings.


The first tried and true of the Deptford projects. Initiated by Adnan Hadzi within his practice-based doctoral research, in collaboration with the Deckspace Media Lab, the Bitnik collective, the Boundless project and Goldsmiths, University of London, Deptford.TV is an open, collaborative platform that allows artists, filmmakers and people living and working around Deptford to store, share, re-edit and redistribute the documentation of the process of urban regeneration of this area of London.

Deptford Pirate Bay

A virtual, cellular organization within Liquid Culture, to create a strong free culture brand in Deptford. We take an area which is becoming trendier, subtract the mainstream, one-dimensional meaning of “trendy”, add free culture to the mix, shake well, and let new local participants make arts and culture thrive.

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